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Scout Guard MG984G-30M

Worlds first 4G cellullar trail camera!


Ready to use 3G trail camera package

MG983G Cellular Trail Camera starter kit

Ready to use 3G trail camera package.


Scout Guard MG983-30M | 3G wireless camera

Scout Guard MG983-30M

Whopping new Scout Guard camera. 3G and 30 Megapixels.


Wildlife photographers trail camera package 2.0

Ready-to-use GSM trail camera package for wildlife use. Includes everything.

349,00 365,70

Scout Guard SG560K-14mHD normal trail camera

Scout Guard SG560K-14mHD

Hiqh quality normal trail camera. 14 Megapixel resolution.


Scout Guard SG520 - Cheap trail camera

Scout Guard SG520

Affordable and very small trail camera.