Wide range of trail cameras and accessories. Hunting camera fits perfectly to surveillance or wildlife-usage. Compact size, excellent image quality and long battery life is a characteristic of every good hunting camera. With a infrared flash trail camera can also take pictures in dark!

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Scout Guard MG984G-30M

Worlds first 4G cellullar trail camera!


Scout Guard MG983-30M | 3G wireless camera

Scout Guard MG983-30M

Whopping new Scout Guard camera. 3G and 30 Megapixels.


Scout Guard SG560K-14mHD normal trail camera

Scout Guard SG560K-14mHD

Hiqh quality normal trail camera. 14 Megapixel resolution.


Ready to use 3G trail camera package

MG983G Cellular Trail Camera starter kit

Ready to use 3G trail camera package.


Seneram Free

Free version of the Seneram cloud service.

Wildlife photographers trail camera package 2.0

Ready-to-use GSM trail camera package for wildlife use. Includes everything.

349,00 365,70

Scout Guard SG520 - Cheap trail camera

Scout Guard SG520

Affordable and very small trail camera.