GSM trail camera is a camera which is equipped with a GSM-radio. GSM gives the possibility to send images in real time to mobile phone or email via cellular network. Images can be sent in two ways:

  • MMS – MultiMedia Message – directly to the mobile phone or email.
  • GPRS – pictures are sent to the email via data-connection.

MMS are usually more expensive compared to the data plan which is used when camera sends picture to email via GPRS.

Latest innovation is the two-way communication – it makes possible to send commands to the camera remotely via SMS or using our free TrailCamControl -software. You can order picture from the camera whenever you want, for example. Uovision UM565 SMS, Uovision Panda and Uway MB500 have the two-way function.

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Scout Guard MG983-30M | 3G wireless camera

Scout Guard MG983-30M

Whopping new Scout Guard camera. 3G and 30 Megapixels.


Scout Guard MG984G-30M

Worlds first 4G cellullar trail camera!


Ready to use 3G trail camera package

MG983G Cellular Trail Camera starter kit

Ready to use 3G trail camera package.


Wildlife photographers trail camera package 2.0

Ready-to-use GSM trail camera package for wildlife use. Includes everything.

349,00 365,70

Seneram Free

Free version of the Seneram cloud service.