GSM trail camera is a camera which is equipped with a GSM-radio. GSM gives the possibility to send images in real time to mobile phone or email via cellular network. Images can be sent in two ways:

  • MMS – MultiMedia Message – directly to the mobile phone or email.
  • GPRS – pictures are sent to the email via data-connection.

MMS are usually more expensive compared to the data plan which is used when camera sends picture to email via GPRS.

Latest innovation is the two-way communication – it makes possible to send commands to the camera remotely via SMS or using our free TrailCamControl -software. You can order picture from the camera whenever you want, for example. Uovision UM565 SMS, Uovision Panda and Uway MB500 have the two-way function.

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Ready to use 3G trail camera package

MG983G Cellular Trail Camera starter kit

Ready to use 3G trail camera package.


Wildlife photographers trail camera package 2.0

Ready-to-use GSM trail camera package for wildlife use. Includes everything.

349,00 365,70

Seneram Free

Free version of the Seneram cloud service.