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Using trail camera for security purposes

Does your property need security or trespasser surveillance? Trail camera is suited especially well for surveillance use due to its small size and weatherproof characteristics. Trail camera is your eyes in the field when you are not there.
Camera’s Lithium batteries will give several months of operation time and/or thousands of captured images. The operating time can be extended by external power supply. The camera will operate also at night, in darkness, with the aid of invisible infrablack flash.

Trail camera’s adjustable motion sensor reacts to motion and triggers the camera to capture multiple images from a single trigger or video of the motion in the cameras memory. Cameras are also equipped with a timer by which the camera function time may be set for nights, for example.

Sharp pictures with trail camera – also HD video with sound

Trail cameras take sharp digital pictures (8-36 Mega pixels). Their accuracy is many times sharper compared with the normal surveillance camera pictures. All pictures are saved stamped with the time, temperature and the battery charge level (depending on the model).
In our selection there are also cameras with Full HD video and sound saving characteristics. They save high quality video clips.

Easy to start using – versatile accessories

Trail camera is easy to start-up and the installation is simple and easy with the accessories included in the package.
Trail camera settings are changed on the cameras own color display. Memory card can also be inserted in the computer for the picture viewing.

GSM –trail camera gives real time information from the object under surveillance

Transmitting, in other words, GSM –trail camera transmits the pictures in real time to e-mail or cellular phone. The camera has a normal cellular wireless subscriber connection with SIM card. The pictures may be sent simultaneously to 4 different numbers/e-mail addresses.

There are two different transmitting alternatives.


Pictures are sent as multimedia message to a cellular phone or to an e-mail address. Each sent image costs separately.


The pictures are sent to e-mail via data connection. Low cost and fast way of sending pictures is by having a data-plan from the operator.

Remote controlled Trail cameras can be instructed by SMS commands. You may, for example, ask to get a picture from the camera or you may change the cameras settings. (Uovision UM565, Uovision Panda)

Do not hesitate; order now a trail camera to watch over your property! From our wide selection you will find suitable camera for every purpose. Customer service will help you find a suitable camera.

  • Small size – long battery life
  • Excellent image quality
  • Invisible black flash
  • Real-time alerts
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