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Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera

Product code: SPYPOINT-LM2
Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera

Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera

  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
  • Spypoint LM2 cellular trail camera
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Compact wireless game camera with free SIM-card included!

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Spypoint Link-Micro LTE LM2 trail camera with free subscription included

Updated 2023 LM2 version of the popular Link-Micro trail camera. The Evolution of the revolution!

The world’s most popular transmitting trail camera from traditional Canadian manufacturer – no more tweaking with connections!

The updated LM2 version has better hearing than before, a new antenna, 20 MP resolution, a more powerful flash and other improvements.

Spypoint Link-Micro LM2 is a very compact and affordable transmitting game camera. The camera is equipped with a fixed SIM card and it’s controlled via free smartphone app. Setting up the camera is very easy and the camera is ready to shoot quickly.

Easy deployment

Setting up the LM2 camera is super easy. The device has a built-in SIM card so there’s no need to purchase a mobile subscription. The camera is easily activated with the help of a mobile app. Please note that integrated SIM card canno’t be changed.

Control the camera with your smartphone

Spypoint LM2 game camera is controlled via mobile device. The camera itself does not have a physical screen, only power button. From the smartphone application, you can change all the camera settings and browse the pictures taken. Full-quality HD images are also stored on the camera’s memory card.

Free use of 100 images per month

Camera does not require a separate paid subscription and SIM card, but the camera’s built-in SIM card always selects the best operator in the area and offers free transmission of 100 images per month. If 100 photos per month is not enough, paid versions are also available:

  • Basic: 250 photos per month – €5/month
  • Standard: 1,000 images per month – €10/month
  • Unlimited Premium: Unlimited images – €15/month

Paid versions can be purchased directly from the mobile application for a monthly or annual fee.

The smallest transmitting game camera on the market

Spypoint LM2 game camera is very compact and at the same time the smallest transmitting game camera on the market! Dimensions of the camera are only 79×112×56mm and the weight without batteries is 208 grams. The camera has a powerful motion sensor that can reach up to 24 meters and has a fast response time of 0.5 seconds.

Thanks to its tiny size, the camera is easy to install even in a small space, and therefore it can be also be hidden, if needed.

Download SPYPOINT mobile-APP

Product videos

  • Transmission technology: LTE
  • Supported frequencies: B1 (2100MHz), B3 (1800MHz), B5 (850MHz), B7 (2600MHz), B8 (900MHz), B20 (800MHz)
  • Image resolution: 20 Megapixels
  • Memory: microSD card, max. 32 GB
  • Motion sensor: Wide angle, reaction time 0.5 seconds
  • Flash: Infra-black flash, range up to 28 m
  • Power supply: 8xAA batteries (not included), 12V connection for external power supply, LIT-10 lithium battery (not included)
  • Duration of operation: up to 1-6 months
  • Operating temperature: -20°C …. +50°C
  • Weight: 208g
  • Dimensions: 79×112×56mm
  • Attachment: With an attachment strap, also has a tripod thread at the bottom. Lockable.
  • Built-in SIM card

Contents of the package

  • Spypoint LM2
  • Antenna
  • Fastening belt
  • Instructions for use
  • Factory installed SIM card

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