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Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm

Product code: KG45
Keep Guard
Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm

Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm

  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
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Trap alarm works for both game catching and security purposes.

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Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm

The trap alarm is a very convenient way to monitor the trap or fishing gear automatically. The trap alarm saves time and money, because you don’t have to visit the trap every day.

Easy and quick implementation. The device needs a mobile phone connection with a text message feature. The device does not use data at all.

Trap alarm operation

The bottom of the trap alarm has a magnetic fastener, the other end of which is attached to the trap or fishing gear with a string (included in the package). When the trap is triggered, the string is energized and the magnet detaches from the bottom of the device – the device alerts the user in real time with a text message.

Automatic check message

Trap alarm is equipped with an automatic check message function, with which the device announces that it is in operation. By default, the automatic check message is sent once a day, but you can adjust its behavior if necessary and in monitoring mode you can also disable it completely. In addition, all messages show the status of the device, GSM signal strength and battery charge status.

Change settings with text message commands

Keep Guard trap alarm can be programmed using text message commands that can be sent from all devices equipped with the text message function. For example, you can check the status of the device, the time, add/delete receiving phone numbers, change the password, etc.

Also for monitoring and security purposes

Ttrap alarm can also be used excellently in security use. The string attached to the magnet can be attached to e.g. a door, trailer or boat, and if the object is moved without permission, the magnet detaches and the device alerts you in real time.

  • Power source: 4xAA batteries
  • Remote control: Remote control with text message commands
  • Weight: 156 grams without batteries
  • Attachment: With an attachment strap, also a tripod screw at the back. Lockable.
  • Operating temperature: -30°C …. +70°C

Contents of the package

  • Keep Guard KG45 trap alarm
  • Fastening belt
  • 1 magnet
  • 1 1.0m cable with hook
  • External antenna

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