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Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera

Product code: 90-146
Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera

Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera

  • Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera
  • Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera
  • Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera
  • Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera
  • Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera
  • Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K trail camera
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Remote-controllable 4G trail camera with 4K-video.

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Niteforce Outlaw 30MP – Remotely controlled 4G trail camera with cloud service

New 4G game camera from Niteforce! Super fast photo and video transmission and free cloud service!

Almost an “unlawful” novelty from Niteforce! 30MP image resolution, 4K videos with sound, PIR motion sensor up to 18 meters and compatibility for both 6V and 12V external power supply! Camera sends images and videos directly to the cloud service and smartphone with a fast 4G connection!

4G trail camera with versatile network support

Outlaw 30MP is equipped with a lightning fast 4G connection. The fast 4G connection guarantees a delay-free transmission of pictures and videos and comprehensive coverage, as the camera is of course also compatible with 3G and 2G networks.

High-precision 30 Megapixel images and crisp 4K video

Niteforce Outlaw 4G camera captures detailed 30 Megapixel still images and stunning 4K videos with sound. Camera’s motion detector reacts to a heat-radiating object and works both at night and during the day, reaching up to 18 meters. Sensitivity of the motion detector and the camera’s operating time can be adjusted according to your needs. There’s now also a 7-day weekl calendar for scheduling, which gives different operating times for different days of the week.

Free LinckEazi cloud service

Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K game camera works through the free LinckEazi cloud service, which allows you to remotely control the camera via computer or smartphone app. Photos and videos are stored in the cloud service in camera-specific albums, from which they can be easily browsed and viewed.

Through the cloud service you can also control and change the camera’s settings for free, and if you want, you can set the footage to be forwarded to e-mail as well!

Easy installation in the linckeazi cloud service

Setting up the camera in LinckEazi cloud service is straightforward. After creating a free user account, you add your camera to the service by entering the device’s serial number and IMEI code. If the camera has a working connection that supports 3G/4G connection, camera is automatically connected to your account. Easy! No complicated installation programs needed.

Very fast transmission of pictures and videos on a 4G network, also suitable for surveillance use

Fast transmission and accurate and detailed footage makes this camera highly suitable for surveillance use. Niteforce Outlaw camera is equipped with an invisible infrared flash that is invisible for human eye. Trail camera is a great option for surveillance of your summer cottage, construction site or your home.

Great picture quality

Image quality produced by this camera is so good it is almost illegal! Niteforce Outlaw camera sends up to 30 Mpix images and videos with audio up to 15 seconds long. In surveillance use clear and zoomable images are essential and this camera totally has it! Camera also records 4K video with sound!

Aiming the camera is also almost too easy thanks to its front-facing display monitor. Powered by 12 AA batteries, the operating time of the camera is very long and it is possible to extend it with the help of the external power source connection found on the camera, both 6V and 12V compatible (battery, mains power).

Product videos

  • Network connection: 4G (also supports 3G/2G network)
  • Image resolution: 30MP / 24MP / 20MP / 16MP / 8MP / 5MP
  • Viewing angle: Diagonal 58°
  • Display: 2.0” color LCD
  • Storage: SD card, max 128 GB
  • Video resolution: 4K / 2.7K / Full HD 1080p / HD 720p / WVGA. With sound!
  • Video length: 5-60 sec
  • Length of sent video: 15 sec WVGA
  • Shooting modes: Image, video, image+video
  • PIR motion detector: Up to 18 m, delay time approx. 0.2 seconds
  • Time-Lapse: Yes, adjustable
  • Photo burst: Series of 1-10 pictures
  • Flash: Range up to 18m, infrared black, completely invisible to the eye, wavelength 940nm
  • Scheduling: Week calendar for timing
  • Power source: 12xAA batteries, charge status can be seen for free in the application. 6V / 12V connection for an external power source.
  • Remote control: Remote control via LinckEazi cloud service for free. Requesting pictures, adjusting motion sensor, on/off, changing settings, location…
  • Operating temperature: -20°C …. +60°C
  • Protection rating: IP66
  • Antenna: 17 cm long black LTE 4G power antenna
  • Weight: 493g without batteries
  • Fastning: With a fastning strap, screw mount on the bottom. Lockable.

Contents of the package

  • Niteforce Outlaw 30MP 4G 4K
  • 4G power antenna 17 cm
  • User manual

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