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Reolink Solar Panel 2 USB-C 5.8 W

Product code: REOLINK-SOLAR-2
Reolink Solar Panel 2 USB-C 5.8 W

Reolink Solar Panel 2 USB-C 5.8 W

  • Reolink Solar Panel 2 USB-C 5.8 W
  • Reolink Solar Panel 2 USB-C 5.8 W
  • Reolink Solar Panel 2 USB-C 5.8 W
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5.8 W solar panel for Reolink’s battery-powered cameras with USB-C connection.

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5.8 W solar panel for Reolink’s battery-powered cameras

Updated and up to 81% more efficient 5.8 W solar panel with USB-C connection for Reolink surveillance cameras

With the help of the solar panel, you make the battery-powered Reolink surveillance cameras independent of mains power almost all year round. The panel charges the camera’s built-in battery when the sun is up.

You can always see the battery charge status in real time directly from the mobile app.

Powerful 5.8 W solar panel with USB-C connection

Reolink solar panel 2 is equipped with a 5.8 W solar panel, the power of which is up to 81% higher compared to the old solar panel. The solar panel is equipped with a new USB-C connection, which is used, for example, by the Duo LTE 4G surveillance camera. The package also comes with a USB-C —> microUSB adapter, with which the panel can also be used with older Reolink surveillance cameras.

Easy mounting with the mounting foot

Reolink solar panel is easy to install thanks to the included 360-degree rotating installation leg. The panel can be oriented at just the right angle to the sun. The panel is connected to the camera’s microUSB connection with a 4 m long cable. A 4.5 m long connection cable is also available as an accessory.

*The installation location of the camera and the orientation of the panel significantly affect the amount of radiation coming to the panel. The annual amount of solar radiation is also about 20% lower in Northern Finland compared to Southern Finland.

**Lithium battery is not able to receive power in the cold, i.e. when the battery temperature is close to 0°C or below. So the battery may not charge when the sun is shining, if the temperature of the battery is too low.

  • Power: 5.8 W
  • Voltage: 6 V
  • Current: max. 960mA
  • Connection: USB-C
  • *Color white
  • Dimensions: 210 × 175 × 6 mm

Package contents

  • Reolink solar panel 2.0 5.8 W
  • 4 m connection cable USB-C
  • USB-C —> microUSB adapter
  • 360 rotating wall mount
  • Mounting screws

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