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NITEforce LIVE 360 Green rotating trail camera

Product code: 90-148
NITEforce LIVE 360 Green rotating trail camera

NITEforce LIVE 360 Green rotating trail camera

  • NITEforce LIVE 360 Green rotating trail camera
  • NITEforce LIVE 360 Green rotating trail camera
  • NITEforce LIVE 360 Green rotating trail camera
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Rotating 4G trail camera with live view.

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NITEforce LIVE 360 Green trail camera opens a live view on site! You can connect to your camera anytime and from anywhere and watch and listen live online view what is going on! The camera can be rotated remotely and can be turned if and when the subject moves.

With the NITEforce LIVE 360 Green trail camera, you can optionally record a video view with sound to the free UCon remote control APP. UCon APP allow you to remotely control the camera or change settings remotely.

NITEforce LIVE 360 Green trail camera is a real monitoring center for game monitoring or security surveillance, and can be used by multiple users from their own mobile phones. Discreet trail camera with 4G connection for all-year round outdoor or indoor use. You can practice surveillance without attracting attention!

Free app for Android and iOS

The camera is remotely controlled with UCon APP (English). Through it, you can easily turn or rotate the camera in the desired directions and zoom. All settings are easily managed with the same application. The recordings are saved in the application, from which they can be shared. With the help of the application, several people can monitor the same camera with one username.

The UCon APP for Android phones can be found in the Google Play store HERE!
The UCon APP for iOS phones can be found in the Apple Store HERE!

Lightning fast connection via 4G LTE network

The use of the camera requires a SIM card and subscription that supports 4G LTE connection. When choosing the operator, make sure that SIM data transfer speed supports live video transmission (upload 5MB/sec). The camera also works with so-called Pre-paid SIM cards. Remember disable the PIN code from the SIM card.

355° panning and 90° tilt plus zoom

When you receive a message from your camera, you can open a live connection and turn the camera view to the desired side direction (panorama) or up/down (tilt). The wide panoramic swivel ensures that there are no gaps on the sides and the optimal tilt looks up and completely down. The Zoom function allows you to focus on the subject closer. The rotability of the camera is an advantage if you want to monitor a larger field area fex if deers are possibly on the other side of the field opening.

Stunning 2K video quality

When the camera detects motion, it automatically records 2K (HD 2668×1440) real high-definition videos with sharp resolution. At the push of a button, the camera records video clips of max. 60 seconds, if desired.

Choose between invisible infrared or white LED flash

The camera has a choice of 2 different flashes for night photography with 2K resolution. Infraflash captures black & white images or videos at night, and the bright LED flash illuminates the images and videos in color. In addition to filming game, it is also suitable for surveillance camera use. It can be used to observe thieves and record a video of them. When you want to scare a thief, a real-time light signal with a bright LED flash and shouting through the loudspeaker is an effective combination.

Listen and speak through 2-way audio

The camera has a built-in sound collecting microphone that picks up the sounds around the camera. You can hear the sounds with the speakers of your mobile phone in live mode. You can also freely set the two-way audio on, which allows you to communicate with those nearby camera fex unwanted crows can be scared away from feeding site with human voice.

Fast 0.5 Sec PIR heat-motion sensor

The camera is equipped with a 0.5 sec fast PIR motion detector with a smart artificial intelligence algorithm. Together, they improve the detection ability of people and animals and reduce false alarms caused by rain, insects, branches, long grass etc. When the camera is triggered, it will automatically record to the micro SD memory card and send a real-time alarm notification to your mobile phone about the video recording.

Powerful 8000mAh battery

The camera has an internal 8000mAh battery that can withstand temperatures down to -20°C. The 4W solar panel supplied with the camera, charges the camera’s internal battery during the sunny months period. In dark and snowy winter, the camera’s internal battery can be charged with the NITEforce DC-Charger, which is connected to an external 12 Volt battery. The camera can also be connected to AC/DC power outlet with your own mobile phone charger (5V/2A). The camera has a standard weather-protected USB-C port as the power input. USB-C cable is delivered with the camera.

4W solar panel included

4W solar panel is delivered with the camera set. The solar panel converts free solar energy into operating power for the camera. The solar panel connects to the camera’s power port using a USB-C cable. Free solar energy provides power for camera’s internal 8000mAh battery. In sunny conditions, you can use the solar panel for up to 365 days. You can install the trail camera outside without worrying about power problems.

IP66 weather resistance

The camera is weatherproof IP66. Camera operates between temperatures: -20°C to +60°. Thanks to the waterproof and robust body, the camera can withstand rain, sunny and cold weather circumstances. In winter, a possible heavy snow load top of camera can be prevented with a snow cover.

Camo color to hide the camera

Camera color pattern is camo terrain patterned, which helps it to hide in the terrain better. Camera with a camo pattern and using an infraflash attracts less attention of bypassing people or animals.

16 GB memory card included in the package!


  • 3 capture modes: photo, video, photo+video
  • 2K HD video resolution (day and night)
  • Reversible viewing angles: panorama 355°, tilt 90°
  • ZOOM focus
  • 2-way talk (audio)
  • 0.5 sec PIR heat-motion detection
  • Infraflash illumination range: 18m
  • 2 different optional flashes: black & white night mode (infraflash), color night mode (bright LED flash)
  • Free UCon APP (Android and iOS)
  • Supports sharing by multiple users with the same credentials
  • Cloud storage and micro SD card storage
  • Built-in 8000mAh rechargeable battery
  • IP66 weather resistance
  • Password protection

Contents of the package

  • NITEforce LIVE 360 Green trail camera
  • Mounting belt
  • Mounting bracket and screws
  • 16GB micro SD memory card
  • 4W solar panel and bracket
  • USB-C cable
  • User manual
  • UCon APP application

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