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Payment methods and prices

Prices are valid for now. Trail camera withholds the right to change prices. Prices include 24 % value added tax.

Products may be sold at 0 % value added tax to companies which are operating in Europe. Give your vat number in the shopping cart and the cashier deducts the vat automatically.

Products will be delivered also outside Europe at 0% vat. Web store cashier deducts the vat automatically based on the country where the given address is found.

Please fill in your contact information at the checkout to see the total sum of the order.

Terms of payment

The following payment methods can be used when shopping at our web store


PayPal is a known and trustworthy international payment transfer service. You may pay for your purchase with credit card via PayPal or you can add your own account to PayPal and the amount is deducted from your account normally.

Paypal accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Read more about PayPal

Invoice / pre-payment / wire-transfer

You can order products with invoice / prepayment. Your purchase will be delivered to you when your payment is shown on our account. You can also send a copy of your payment to to speed up the order handling. Companies may order products at 0% value added tax price if they inform their existing tax number.

Invoice is sent to you after you've placed the order.

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