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Trail camera was originally developed to take pictures of wildlife and monitor its movements. As plain and simple, the trail camera consists of a digital camera, which comes in a weatherproof protective casing, a flash, motion sensor and efficient battery. Camera sizes are approximately 15cmx8cmx5cm (height x width x depth). Trail camera is controlled via its own display (setting changes and browsing the saved pictures). The memory card may also be taken off the camera and the images transferred to computer the same way as from any regular digital camera.

As the equipment has developed further, new possibilities for usage have been created, for example in the area of surveillance – with the aid of trail cameras, buildings, cottage or boat for example can be monitored. Trail cameras are extremely weatherproof and they do not need additional power supply. In our best models the cameras own battery pack will last about 180 days in stand-by mode! Depending on the camera model, additional power can be fed from a separate battery or from a mains line socket.

How trail camera operates?

Trail camera reacts to motion and it saves the pictures and video in the memory card. The motion sensor sensitivity is adjustable and depending on the camera model its range varies from 10 to 25 meters. At dusk and darkness the trail camera illuminates the wanted area with invisible infrared flash. In the most recent model the flash is so called infrablack –type flash which is completely invisible to the human eye. This is why it is impossible to notice the camera in darkness.

In addition to traditional trail cameras, there are also so called GSM -trail cameras on the market. They send the pictures in real time to e-mail address or cellular phone. This way you will always get real time information from your object.

The innovation for 2013 is the GPRS -picture transfer equipped remote control trail cameras. With the aid of GPRS, the camera is able to send the pictures in an economical and fast way to several different e-mail addresses. The benefit of remote control is the possibility to change the camera setting and ask whenever you want an image from the camera by SMS or via CamControl- program.

Used as a surveillance camera?

The majority of trail cameras are sold for security and surveillance purposes. Trail camera is small in size, is easy to camouflage or move if needed. High resolution images (8-12 Megapixels) taken by trail cameras are many times more accurate compared to blurry regular surveillance camera pictures. HD-video cameras are also available.

There are also useful accessories, such as wall fixture, protective casing or mains-line power supply for surveillance use trail cameras.

Why trail camera?

  • For tracking and monitoring wildlife
  • For surveillance use for example to cottage, boat, warehouse, construction site, forest equipment..
  • No need for mains-line current.
  • Photographing in darkness
  • GSM transmitter (pictures to an e-mail address and/or cellular phone)
  • Small, weather resistant construction – the camera is easy to hide and move depending on the object.
  • High quality pictures

There are trail cameras in many different price ranges depending on requirements and use. Price range is from 150-350€.

GSM-trail camera operates using a regular cellular phone subscriber connection. In case you are using a GPRS-trail camera, which can send pictures to e-mail addresses, it is worthwhile to get a data-plan from cellular service provider and in this way the communication costs are fixed and the number of camera sent pictures does not affect the cost.

Trail camera set-up

Trail camera set-up is easy. When using GSM trail camera, the service provider specific network settings, which are found in the operating manual, must be set. Other camera setting can be changed directly on the camera’s own display.

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